“Walk & talk”

Moving forward together

“Walk & Talk” therapy is simply walking side by side whilst experiencing counselling in a calm beautiful environment. It has been proven that being surrounded by nature naturally raises our mood and can reduce anxiety and stress as it increases serotonin or the hormone that makes us feel happier.

Do you find the idea of talking to therapist face to face daunting or overwhelming? or have you tried counselling in the past in a traditional setting and found it was too intense? Maybe you just like the idea of being out and about getting gently exercise as well as having the opportunity to get things off your chest, with someone who is trained to listen in a non-judgemental accepting way.

If “Walk & Talk” therapy sounds appealing to you then we would meet initially for the first session inside. During this initial FREE consultation we would talk about how this could work as well as giving you an opportunity to meet me and ask any questions.

After this initial session if you decide that you like the sounds of a less formal and relaxed approach to counselling. We can then go ahead and plan to start “Walk & Talk” sessions together. An individual Walk & Talk session would last 50 minutes.

My availability for Walk Talk counselling sessions are quiet flexible and would cover the beautiful Chorlton Ees and Ivy Green Nature Reserve. I am more than happy to meet for early morning walks before work and bring your dog if you have one.

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